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If you are looking for a way to improve your dental skills and learn about the latest innovations in the field, you should check out our courses.

We offer a variety of topics that will help you take your dental practices to the next level.

Whether you want to learn about new materials, techniques, or equipment, we have something for you.

Our courses are taught by experts who use cutting-edge technology and best practices.

You will gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience that you can apply in your own practice.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your professional development and stay ahead of the curve. Register for our courses today and see the difference for yourself.

We are continuing Education institution that offers courses, workshops and live patient courses for dental professionals who want to update their knowledge and skills in the field of digital dentistry, implantology, oral surgery, prosthodontist, esthetic, periodontics, facial harmonization among others.

The Institute has a team of specialized teachers with extensive clinical and academic experience.

The six values that our CE courses has


Our courses are developed and delivered by experts in the field, based on the latest scientific evidence and best practices.


Our courses address the current and emerging needs and challenges of dental professionals and their patients.


Our courses incorporate new technologies, methods, and approaches to enhance the learning experience and outcomes of learners.


Our courses foster active participation, collaboration, and feedback among learners and instructors, as well as provide opportunities for networking and peer support.


Our courses measure and monitor the learning progress and satisfaction of learners, as well as the impact of the courses on their professional development and practice.


Our courses are regularly updated and improved based on the feedback and suggestions of learners, instructors, and science development.

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